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Permanent Facial Fillers

Your face is the first thing that a person sees when you first meet them and it is your face that helps people make their first assessment of you. It is for this reason that most people go to great lengths to take care of their skin. As you age your skin begins to change and starts to thin out and become less hydrated. Because of this fact, wrinkles and other lines can begin to form on your face. This may cause you stress and you may be looking for the best way to get rid of them.

Facial fillers can be the perfect solution for you because they are quicker, safer and less expensive then cosmetic surgery. If you are considering having this procedure done the most common type of injections are temporary and will last anywhere from six to twelve months. This type of facial filler requires you to continually go back to the doctor to have touch-up injections done in order to keep your face looking great. If you want to have a facial filler procedure done but do not want to keep going back to the doctor's office, you can choose to have permanent facial fillers injections instead.

Permanent Facial Fillers

Permanent facial fillers are performed in a very similar manner to temporary injections. The injections are used to place a solution right under the skin of the areas of the face that the aging is noticeable. You and your doctor will decide which target areas you want to have injected before the procedure begins. This eliminates any confusion during the procedure so that in can be completed faster and with no problems.

The main difference between permanent facial fillers and temporary facial fillers are the solution that is used as a filler. With temporary fillers the solution used breaks down over time and this is why touch-up injections are needed. With permanent fillers there is no need to have touch-up injections done because the solution is made so that it does not break down. This allows you to look younger all the time without breaking down. This is a great solution for some people, especially those who like the look of facial fillers.

Permanent Facial Fillers After Care

After you have your permanent facial fillers procedure completed, you may experience some swelling, redness or soreness in the area where the injection was given. You doctor can tell you what types of pain relievers you can use to alleviate some of the soreness you are experiencing. The pain should be minimal and not cause you too many problems. You can also put ice on your face to help reduce the swelling. You should apply ice for several minutes at a time for the first twenty-four hours.

You should be able to return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure is completed. Any side effects that you may have experienced should be gone within two weeks. After that the permanent facial fillers should leave you with the look that you have always dreamed of without surgery or the need to have more injections done to keep the look.

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Permanent Facial Fillers

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