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Facial Fillers FAQs

A lot of people who desire to look younger will have cosmetic surgery done to give them the look they want. For some people surgery is not the best option for them and they are looking for other ways to help them look younger. The non-surgical procedure of facial fillers is the best option for them because it can provide them with the younger look they want without the need to risk having surgery done. Before making the best choice for you there are some facial fillers FAQs that you should look through.

Facial Fillers FAQs

  • Facial fillers FAQs #1: How long will your facial fillers last for?
    The estimated time that the temporary facial fillers last for is anywhere from six to twelve months. At that point, you will need to go back to the doctor and have touch-up injections done. The touch-up injections take less time to perform and are less expensive than your original set of injections. If you fail to have the touch-up injections done, your skin will revert back to how it was before.

  • Facial fillers FAQs #2: How long will the procedure last?
    The procedure is fairly quick and simple to complete and should not take you much time at all. Most procedures take about thirty minutes to complete but the procedure can take up to two hours. The time it takes is dependent on the type and number of injections that are required.

  • Facial fillers FAQs #3: What side effects can I expect to have after the procedure is done?
    You may experience some swelling, soreness and small bumps may form under the skin. Most people experience only slight side effects if any and they should not limit your ability to perform all of your normal activities. All of these side effects should subside within two days to two weeks.

  • Facial fillers FAQs #4: Is this procedure permanent or temporary?
    You have the option of using either permanent or temporary facial fillers and your doctor will be able to help to determine which of these options is best for you. You may want to begin with temporary facial fillers to be sure that you will like your new look.

  • Facial fillers FAQs #5: Is this procedure safe?
    With any medical procedure there are always some risks involved but with facial fillers these risks are very minimal. This is a non-surgical procedure which in itself eliminates most of the risks. In some rare cases, there have been reports of people experiencing an allergic reaction to the injection but they were quickly taken care of.

See Your Dermatologist

If you should have any additional questions about your procedure you will want to ask your doctor before making your final decision. Your first step in this process will be to have an initial meeting with your doctor to discuss the type of procedure that you are interested in having. This is the perfect opportunity to ask all of the questions that you have. Understanding the procedure, will help you make the best decisions for you.

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Facial Fillers FAQs

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