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Facial Fillers for Wrinkles

Facial fillers sound like an easy way out of the aging process. A short surgical procedure with very few possible side-effects and your wrinkles are gone. Unfortunately, though health-wise the possibility of something serious going wrong is slim to none but there are other ways for the procedure to not hit its mark. We've all seen the stars and most of us were able to tell when one of them had just come out of a Botox session. Frankly, it wasn't always pretty - some look artificial, unnatural to the point where you'd prefer the wrinkles. Luckily, most doctors will be able to help you prevent any problems. As long as you are patient and listen to their advice, most of the facial filler sessions will have great results.

Why do Some Facial Fillers Go Wrong?

Most of the time, the problem is too much enthusiasm. You have just seen your neighbour's smooth face, you have lots of wrinkles to get rid of and you ask the doctor to make just one more injection. The problem is that, with facial fillers, more is not always better. Facial fillers work in two different ways:
  • They fill the wrinkles by giving the skin volume. If you inject too much, the face will end up looking bloated.
  • Injections like Botox paralyze the muscles of the face, therefore removing the wrinkles that appear when you make movements. If you inject too much, the result will be a completely frozen face which will not only be uncomfortable to move but will look utterly artificial.
So, next time the doctor says that the last injection should do, you might want to curb your enthusiasm and let it be. Much of the beauty of youth comes from the purity and natural aspect of your face and body. An artificially perfect look will not make you look younger - just less wrinkly.

Other Issues you May Need to be Aware of Concerning Facial Fillers Gone Wrong

The most commonly known facial fillers are temporary - their effects wear off, usually in a period of about six months. Recently, however, a few types of permanent facial fillers have appeared on the market. They sound very tempting, but before you go off and apply for one of those procedures bear in mind the following issues:
  • Permanent means forever. While this may sound like "wrinkle-free for the rest of my life", what it actually means is that if anything goes wrong, it will be very difficult to fix.
  • While the fillers will probably fix most of your wrinkle issues, your face will not stop changing as you grow older. This change will probably take an unnatural aspect combined with the permanent facial fillers.
  • The reason most facial fillers are temporary is because the substance you inject is being absorbed by the body. That process can be sped up, if the process has any unpleasant results. In the case of permanent fillers, the removal process will be complicated and most likely extremely expensive.
  • The permanent fillers are new enough for us not to know if there are any long term side-effects resulting from them. Also, be aware that the number of facial fillers approved in UK is about 100, compared to just 6 in the US. Even if the substance is completely legit, you may want to check more information about the substance before choosing it.

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Facial Fillers Gone Wrong

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