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Facial Fillers Before and After

Every person over the age of 40 has at least once worried about aging. It is a natural concern - we suddenly do not feel able enough, powerful enough or pretty enough, compared to how we were when we were young. We have all taken a look at our old pictures wishing our body was as firm and as reliable as it was when it was 20. And some of us are considering doing something about it. The most common way to go about rejuvenation is plastic surgery and facial fillers- a trend that just about every celebrity follows nowadays. But before we go about doing these things, we occasionally ask: "What does it actually do for me? Is it worth it?" This article is about facial fillers before and after.

Before Facial Fillers

Without facial fillers our face (and skin generally speaking) ages naturally. Every move that we make stretches the skin and, in time, this leads to the creation of wrinkles and to a generally paper-like appearance of the skin. While this can be alleviated by using creams and drinking substances like anti-oxidants who slow down the aging process, it is a process that in itself cannot be literally stopped. Some people decide to take the process in their own hands, which is the moment cosmetic surgeons and complicated procedures kick in.

After Facial Fillers - Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantage from using facial fillers is obviously aesthetic - your face and your skin look younger, your wrinkles stop showing and the smooth look of your 20s is back. In most cases, treatment with facial fillers leads to definite aesthetic improvement - as is shown in many celebrities that are known to look 30 when they are actually 50. This advantage quickly overshadows any possible disadvantages for most people.

However, do keep in mind that in order to keep the fresh look, one procedure is not enough. The results of facial filler treatment are temporary - and your face may go back to what it was before. This means that once you started going on the facial filler road you may be forced to stay on it for a long time.

Also, if you have decided to go for this option, make sure to trust the doctor that is performing the procedure and allow him to make suggestions in regards to what is best. Too much use of facial fillers may effectively 'freeze' your face, leading it to look artificial. Also, during the treatment, do not forget to sustain it with a healthy lifestyle that will also have the beneficial effect of slowing down the aging process.

Immediately after Facial Fillers

In order to reduce the likelihood of side-effects and increase the treatment's effects, you may want to go through the following processes:
  • Place ice packs or ice water soaks on your face to reduce any swelling and return the natural aspect of your face as soon as possible after the procedure.
  • If in pain, ask your doctor for an analgesic prescription.
  • If bruises occur in the injection spots, you can try to use arnica - which is a homeopathic treatment that has proven to be effective.
  • Contact the doctor who treated you immediately if the pain sustains after more than a couple of days and if lumps of any kind occur in the treated areas.

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Facial Fillers Before After

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